7 Steps To Guaranteed Profits

1. Using PALs Pricing Tool, Calculate Cost Of “Per 15 Minutes” Of Staff Time Adding In ROI And Shift Productivity.

2. Price Services Based On “Per 15 Minutes Of Care.”

3. Assess Residents Need For Services Provided.

4. Input Services.

5. Print Shift Assignment Sheets.

6. Document Services/Staff Charting.

7. Create Staff Work Schedule To Conform With Shift Productivity*Used In Step 1.

*Shift Productivity=Direct care hours/shift hours; e.g. 6 hours of direct care during an 8 hour shift (6/8)=75% shift productivity.

Operations Management Software

PALs will guide you to guaranteed profits by giving you the tools to ensure your revenue is greater than your operations management software costs.  The common denominator between service revenue and service costs, is minutes.  By converting both revenue and costs in to minute level increments, PALs will put you on the path to profitability! 

Based on the data that you input, PALs automatically generates reports that help you monitor key indicators that your success hinges upon.  Track shift productivity, prevent service creep, and help align incentives between staff and management.  Staff is given an incentive to report additional services or work harder (more minutes) than another shift that reports all additional service time.  Management is given an incentive to make sure sufficient staff are working since they are now revenue generators and finders contributing both to overhead and ROI.