Software Compliance

PALs is a comprehensive senior living software solution that has been widely utilized in the day to day operations of assisted living communities, pharmacies, group homes, foster care settings, home health care, and other residential settings.  Our “Software As A Service” platform, allows for Cloud based accesibility wherever and whenever you need it.  PALs is customizable to meet your individual organization’s needs and align with state level forms and assessment tools to ensure regulatory compliance.

Thomas Patten – Founder

After completing a Master Of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Minnesota, I launched my first assisted living community in 1981, in Duluth, MN.  Since that time, I have developed communities in both the public (non-profit) and private sectors and created programming for frail, hospice, rehabilitation and memory care residents.  Created in 2000, PALs was the first software of its kind that spawned from a growing need to streamline operations and maximize efficiency within Assisted Living settings.  I take great pride in providing a highly versatile and affordable software solution, that ultimately leads to better care for the residents and clientele that it serves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my commitment?

PALs only asks for a minimum 4 month commitment. If you do nothing, PALs will time-out after that period.

Do I pay extra for training or support calls?

No.  Support and training is unlimited!

Is PALs compatible with all devices?

Yes.  PALs is offered on “The Cloud” for access anytime/any place/ with any device that can access the internet.

Can I document medication administration with PALs?

Yes.  This can be accomplished with paper MAR, eMAR, or both!

Is PALs customizable?

Very much so, and we are glad to tailor our platform to best suit your needs.

Does PALs help to prepare for state surveys?

Affirmative.  PALs can be tailored to your state or agency’s requirements to ensure assisted living compliance.

Regulatory Compliance